Wendy’s World Fairs

Fairs 2020

All fairs run from 10am to 4pm



Venue & Location

6 September 2020

Kensington Town Hall, Horton Street,

London, W8 7NX

27 September 2020


Cobham Village Hall, Lushington Drive,
Cobham, Surrey, KT11 2LU


“ So many nice things to see, I could spend all day here ! ”

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Exeter and  Weston Super Mare

I am  sorry to say I have had to cancel the Cobham Fair on Sept 27h.

I have had several conversations and a meeting on site, to try and resolve matters.  The main problem is we are only allowed 25 people in the main hall at one time and that includes traders, and we are only allowed 16 tables in that hall, which would allow 9 customers.  In the small hall we are allowed 8 tables but only 15 people, which would mean 7 customers.  Everyone, customers, traders and staff have to wear masks.  No refreshments unless you bring your own.   Customers have to be counted in and out, as they leave, we can let the equivalent number in.  All customers must leave    name and phone number or email in case someone contracts the Virus and contacts have to be notified.

There would be a one-way system for customers to walk round and then out – no re-tracing your footsteps!

I have to employ extra staff to count customers in and count them out, and direct people to the loos at the back of the stage as we could not use the ones in the foyer.  

If the government were to abolish these restrictions, we could go ahead as normal, but I think this is unlikely.

Hopefully all will be back to normal next year.